audio-visual stimulation

vids. vids. vids. vids. vids. 

Tunnel of Love (2020)

Puppets: Ali Goss
Music: Liz Oakley
Camera: Molly Barrett
Featured on: at home, alone. w/ zach dorn 

Is Anybody Out There? Collaboration with Liz Oakley (2020)

Is anybody out there? is an evolving installation set on the artists’ fire escape facing the neighboring brownstones’ courtyards. Over time, the text and performing object installation will attempt to communicate with the households that we see daily from our window — but never talk to — with the eventual goal of collaborating on a live puppetry performance. Every few days, we will add increasingly direct statements and questions to our initial transmission: “Hello Neighbors, Happy Spring!” You can access documetation here.

The Seed Collector (2018)

puppeteer: ali goss
video: stephanie reyes
audio: carlos matos
shown at The Balcony Gallery: ephemera (april 7 2018)

Wax + Soap. Collaboration with Owen Bell (2018)
a project in which a small house was built of wax and soap in a day and subsequently burned down and washed away live streamed on instagram.