package day

a family -friendly exploration of gender expression and how mirrors work written, created and performed by Ali Goss + Liz Oakley 

Package Day is a 30-minute show following the story of Squarey—a hand puppet with a blank square for a head. Every week, Squarey’s Grandsquare sends them a package in the mail containing something they have never seen before. This week, Squarey receives a mirror and realizes something shocking: they are the only square in their family who doesn’t have a face!

Package Day follows Squarey and their best friend (a wrench) as they visit local animal shopkeepers in search of facial features. They visit an elephant florist for a trunk, a spider videographer for some eyes, and a kissing fish confectioner for some wax lips. Along the way, the friends learn about reflections and the different ways we encounter them everyday (in a fishpond, in the refraction of a camera, or in a window). Squarey gains a new confidence from experimenting with their appearance and returns home: empowered and no longer afraid of the mirror. At the end of the day, as Squarey writes a thank you note to their Grandsquare, they reflect on how trying on the facial features made them feel. Ultimately, although Squarey has a new passion for dressing up, they’re content with themself—face or no face. Package Day is a kid-friendly exploration of gender expression, self-confidence, and how mirrors work.

Storyboard drawings by Liz Oakley.

Package Day is performed in a classic-style puppet booth easy to set up and take down in inside and outside venues!

Storyboard drawings by Liz Oakley.